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About us

Royal Ispahan

The foundation of most Persian dishes is rice, meat, and salad, often served with a side of fresh herbs, cheese and yogurt. While traveling to Iran, you will be welcomed by a wide range of delicious delights including some of the most popular Iranian dishes such as Kebabs, Caviar, Pickles, Smoked fish, Sambooseh, Falafel, Shrimp, Ash. Saffron ice cream which blink at you! Just take a look at the vast map and geography of Iran, you will find out where the origin of this unique variety is! The existence of several different climates adds to the variety of Iranian cuisine. In addition, the Achaemenid and Persian Empire once encompassed the entire territory of the present state of Iran and its neighboring countries, and day by day more lands were seized. Also the great and important Silk Road passed through Iran, as a result many other people from different nationalities passed through this country. Together, these facts have influenced Iranians to create a rich and unique food culture.
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By: Chef FARID

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We Provide Best Iranian & European Menus For Clients

Best Drink & Bar

Our system always has a direct person to respond to other goods the fastest.

Experience Chefs

We have a reputable source of raw materials by big companies for a long time.

Fresh Iranian Foods

All of our dishes are cooked and cared for from the heart by Iranian chefs.


Our system is always on duty to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible.

Our restaurant can accommodate up to 2500 guests, with a total area of ​​over 10,000 m2, including 7 luxurious parties, a special food court with open space. Along with modern equipment, professional management team, chefs have many years of experience in the culinary field.

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